Some thoughts and a check in with you all || My blog turns one month old ❤

Hello everyone!

Yes yes the header stole my thunder of announcing this. But let me do it again.


I am utterly stupefied. When I set up this blog on a whim in the middle of the night, never did I think I would last that long or get the huge amount of support I got in this month. 🤩

Thus, thank you. 🤗

To all who clicked on my posts, to all who liked them, to all who engaged in a conversation with me whether here or on each of your lovely blogs, to all that took the effort to follow me… (which is all you guys!) 💻

I appreciate you all so very much. You have no idea how happy and encouraged you’ve made this random girl living in a tiny country feel. 🥰

I bounce at every like, my head constantly churns with replies to your comments and my heart is filled again and again with the follows. 😍

This is beginning to sound so mushy but I am seriously grateful to all the support you have kindly given to me, especially when half my book reviews were me rambling from a book hangover. 😂

You guys really give me so much inspiration and drive to keep pursuing this newfound hobby and platform I seek solace in.

Anyway, this has been a crazily uplifting month.

After a bit of reflecting, here are a few of my plans for this blog!

  1. Try (key word is attempt to) write discussion posts, and perhaps posts about my own reading life.
  2. Continue with the book reviews but be interesting!
  3. Get to know more of the community, participating in more book blogging features.

I’ve been experimenting here and there, am still trying to find my way and now I want (need) to hear from you all, my dear readers.

What have you all enjoyed on this blog? What posts are your favourites and the most engaging? 👍

What is lacking here? How can I improve, what can I work on? (e.g your book reviews are a bit lengthy, some originality please?) 💪

Anything you hope to see in future? (e.g discussion posts, more kinds of challenges and features) Any other suggestions? (I desperately need these!) 🖐

If you could answer some of these questions in the comments that will be awesome and extremely helpful for me!

Thank you all again! Sending my love across the Internet… 💗

Also I made a Google Form for feedback (click on this whole text) so if you could fill it up too I would be super grateful!



39 thoughts on “Some thoughts and a check in with you all || My blog turns one month old ❤

  1. Hey dear, keep writing… Happy you completed one month in blogging… I would say you can write varities of topics as you said discussion on any specific topic is cool, any special moment in your life which is your own life memories blog, or if you are good at giving reviews or wanna try then also you can write post on book or movie reviews etc… So keep it up ❤️👏🏻

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    1. Ahhh thank you for the advice! I will definitely try to incorporate some of my own life experiences here… movie reviews are a great idea!

      Thank you so much for the tip! 😊❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on one month 👏 I absolutely like your blogging voice, it is so fun feels authentic. And your theme are everything looks fantastic!!!

    Liked by 2 people

        1. I remember back when I started my blog, I didn’t even want one. I was hooked from day 1. Here is a tip- outside of your main topic, blog about other things you love as well.

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        2. Wow that must have been a surprising turn of events!

          Ah thank you for that tip… yeah I have been fixated on books this entire month and do have a lot of other things I should blog about! ☺️


  3. CONGRATULATIONS ON ONE MONTH CHERELLE!!!!! That is such a huge achievement and I’m so proud of you for sticking it through! I love your blogging voice and your enthusiasm for books always brightens my day. I’d love to see you come up with book rec lists and discussion posts, as I mentioned in the Google Form — but discussion posts are definitely so intimidating and I don’t even know what I’m doing half the time when I give recommendations, so maybe I’m not the best person to come to for advice… 😅😂 But everything’s up to you and I am absolutely certain that I’m going to love anything you decide to do with your blog! I am so so so excited to see what’s in store — wishing you many more happy months of blogging ahead 🥰💕

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    1. Awww thank you for your comment Abby, it made my day! ❤ Thank you also for the suggestion- I would love to try book rec lists though I’m not too sure as I don’t read as widely as I hope haha… No, I love your recommendations – especially the posts about sibling relationships which is a topic close to my heart!

      Also, I really appreciate your time in filling the form up… I concur that the featured images are huge haha and I have no idea how to downsize it unless I change the theme. Still, I will try to find out! Thank you! 😊

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    1. Ahh thank you for your comment and also for noticing! I really have to thank Linda @ Dusts of Magic for prompting me to change the theme. 😊

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    1. ❤️❤️💗💗 Aww that means seriously a lot to me! Mostly thanks to the support of so many bloggers like yourself! ☺️

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