Welcome to A Bolt out of the Book!🌩

Hello everyone! It’s still Cherelle from Cherelle the Bibliophile, except that I’ve changed my book blog’s name to…

A Bolt out of the Book

New site address: https://aboltoutofthebook.wordpress.com/

Not to worry, the blog is perfectly the same, just that I’ve worked on a little revamp to fit the new name, which means yes go seek some shelter, you can expect lots of lightning around. (Hoping on your behalf I restrain from cheesy weather puns). Just note that some of my comment links won’t work and I won’t receive pingbacks to the old site address so please link to the new one!

Why the change?

Honestly, I wasn’t very satisfied with my site name of “cherelle the bibliophile”. I simply came up with it on an impulse when I started this blog 2 months ago, not knowing a single thing about book blogging. Let me clear. It is not that blog names that go xxx the xxx sound bad, in fact I love how many of them go… but I’m obsessed with word play and thus after seeing so many witty blog titles, wanted one for myself as well.

“A Bolt out of the Book” actually comes from the idiom “a bolt out of the blue” which describes a sudden and unexpected turn of events or news, which often would shock and surprise us. Similarly, I can never ever predict what hundreds of pages bound together can have in store for me and am often astounded. Be it fantastical and magical elements, or even the most abrupt of plot twists or game changing character developments… all of these never fail to make me gasp and clutch my book more tightly in my hands.

Thank you guys for being here.


74 thoughts on “Welcome to A Bolt out of the Book!🌩

  1. Ah, I was literally gonna comment somewhere today to ask what happened to the name!😆
    BTW, I loved Cherelle The Bibliophile, and I really love A Bolt Out Of The Book even more!🤩
    Cheers to the new name, lah!

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  2. I hate my site name too 😂.
    Like at first I had no site name so when I realized you are supposed to have one, I randomly selected any that came to mind 😑.
    Still regretting that 🤧

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  3. The new name is just so perfect! I loved ‘Cherelle the Bibliophile” too, tbh, but this is next level!!
    And I might tag you for just about every tag or award I do, just to try out the new name😂

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    1. Thank you Alex… ahhh its just that I have itchy fingers and keep seeing such beautiful blogs that I aspire to be like! I’m also not sure exactly how I want this blog to be and thus keep changing haha. Oooh I’m looking forward to it! I see that your profile picture has changed and I LOVE the new look – very classy!

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    1. Ooh very observant of you Ahaana! You can go the theme customiser — colours and background, there will be this rectangle colour for the background. You can click on “palette”, a white box in the rectangle. It will review a few circles of colour, by changing different circles, you can change the colour of different things like links and also the footer! I hope that it works!

      Thank you! ❤

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  4. Love the new blog name! It’s unique and you’ve clearly thought about it so hard, congratulations 🎉🎉 X x x

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