Baby It’s Cold Outside book tag ❄ || in which cherelle scrambles to do tags while in season and not use the same book for every prompt

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be doing a book tag (long time no see) created by Erin @ Reading On A Star. You all know how behind I am on tags (my sincerest apologies) so I have to do the seasonal ones first before they are irrelevant haha. (and for once, I am on time!)

Many thanks to Belle @ This Belle Reads Too, Drea @ Mirkwood Books, Nadia @ The Journeying Bibliophile, Riddhi @ Whispering Stories, Sarah @ Bateau Reads and Tiction @ Fictionally Crazy for tagging me! You all are so sweet to think of me. 💙


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⛄ Snow Day – What’s your “comfort” book?

Usually I would go with Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles, but a new comfort read would be Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo! I love the characters in this duology SO SO much, each of them with their own backstory and pasts, each of them misfits, but band together to have some sort of family. The banter, the trust between them never fails to make me smile… FAM BAM OKAY! And the plot is so immersive that the hours just fly by!

😇 Snow Angels – What’s a book that you love so much you would want to be buried with it (a little morid, but…)?

(Shall I be sneaky and use Six of Crows again? No. No. Self control.)

I choose to be buried with The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. It is another of my new favourites (you can read about how much I love it here) and it is rather apt as it deals with the concept of time. Since I’ll be in the grave forever, I’m pretty sure Addie can keep me company.

🧦 Warm Socks – What’s a book that makes you feel warm inside? (The fluffiest, cutest romance you’ve ever read?)

Geekerella by Ashley Poston! Geekerella is a really happy and light-hearted read, in the sense that though there are some dark moments, the overall tone is one bursting with joy. I loved the fandom element so much, and the romance was so sweet!

☕ Hot Cocoa – What winter-themed novels have you previously read?

I’m not really a seasonal reader since it’s constantly summer where I live… however, one that comes to mind would be A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas, because of that beautiful winter-themed title and the fact that it revolves around the Winter Solstice!

🛷 Sledding – What’s a book with the best plot twists? Who’s an author that always keeps you on your toes?

(I could totally use Six of Crows again because I am always dazzled by Kaz’s elaborate schemes and how things turn out!)

A book that surprised me not only with it’s plot twists, but with it’s immense superiority over book 1 would be The Wicked King by Holly Black. I was quite disappointed by The Cruel Prince (you can read why here) but The Wicked King totally changed the course of the series… I remember vividly being extremely anxious and shocked during those last 100 pages or so, and then scrambling to pick up book 3!

🧥 Ugly Sweaters – What’s a book with the ugliest cover?

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again. I am not a fan of this cover! I get that A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas is a spin-off tale but you turn the iconic and beautiful colours into this monstrosity (in my humble opinion)?

🎥 Movie Marathon – What’s the last book you binge read?

A Sky Beyond the Storm! GUYS THIS IS NEW FIVE STAR INCOMING, WATCH OUT! I binge-read the whole An Ember in the Ashes series as a matter of fact, I admire and love Laia and Elias and everyone else so badly, and the plot and world building was just incredible! I’m definitely grateful that all the books are out already, I have no idea how I would have survived 2 years worth of waiting because each of the books got me gasping and crying and wanting more.

(goodbye while I come to terms with the fact that this series is over??)

🎅 Letter to Santa – What’s a book that’s on your wishlist this year?

I have a bit of news to share! I finally took the leap of faith and signed up for Netgalley. I’m a bit intimidated but I hope to get approved an ARC for The Rose Code by Kate Quinn. Kate Quinn writes such compelling historical fictions which was action-packed (The Alice Network, The Huntress) and I am super excited for her new war novel release next March!

I tag:

abby @ beyond the read || alex @ the scribe owl || alissa @ alissa’s booktopia || ashmita @ the fictional journal || becky @ dusts of magic || celina @ venus in books || cherry @ cherry blossom books || emilie @ chronicles of a bibliomanic || lucy @ bookworm blogger || lulu @ hero and bae || katie @ whispering pages || noelle @ wordgazing and magic || phoenix @ books with wings || sanskriti @ portals into books

(if you have already done the tag or are not interested, that’s cool! also, everyone please participate and support erin even if you weren’t tagged!!)

What winter-themed novels have you all been reading? What books/bookish things are on your wishlist to Santa this year?


56 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside book tag ❄ || in which cherelle scrambles to do tags while in season and not use the same book for every prompt

  1. I am still hoping that sjm puts out another edition of A Court of Silver Flame with the older covers soon. Why would one do that to those books? Why orange and grey? It’s an odd combo.

    And congrats on signing up for NetGalley. I really do need to read some historical fiction.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this post Cherelle!!! I relate to being SO behind on tags, I’m trying my best but the pile doesn’t seem to want to shrink… 😅

    I think we both know by now how much I love the Ember quartet, so I’ll just say that Elias is so swoonworthy and wow do the real-life guys have a lot to live up to 😂

    And congrats on signing up for NetGalley!! I’m seriously intimidated by that site so I don’t see myself joining you anytime soon… but the prospect of free books is tempting indeed 😆 I hope you get approved for The Rose Code!!

    And thanks so much for the tag!! I’ll try my best to get my answers up before the Christmas season is over 😄 Great post as always!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really reassured that I’m not the only one hopelessly behind though this isn’t something I would wish on someone. 😂

      Yes, your love for the Ember quarter so really well known and is so infectious in stirring up all my excitement as well! 🤩 Agreed 100%, it’s tough having all our hearts claimed by fictional friends.

      Ahh thank you! It indeed is intimidating but I’m quite impressed at how many books there are to request… I was pretty sure that I would get rejected (I did many times haha) but I eventually got one arc which I’m super happy about! Thank you Abby!

      My pleasure and no worries if you can’t do it haha, the struggle of tags is real. Thank you for your comment! 💖

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  3. I love this post, Cherelle! And thank you so much for tagging me! I’m a little behind on tags so I might take a while to get to it but I promise I’ll do it when I get the chance. Hope you’re having a lovely December!!❤️

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  4. Thanks for tagging me, Cherelle! ❤

    I'm not a fan of the cover for A Court of Silver Flames either. What bothers me is they changed the art direction mid-way! I like the book covers for a series to have a similar look that ties them all together.

    I loved reading your answers! 🙂

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  5. I loved your answers! I dont think I’ve read any winter themed books, although some books were in winter at some point? Oh, I just thought; Wolf Wilder!
    Anyhow, thanks so much for thinking of me Cherelle! Happy Reading 💙

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  6. Thanks for tagging me Cherelle! This post was so much fun to read, as always! You’ve made me really excited to read the wicked king now though! I recently bought it because the Dutch edition is SO gorgeous, but The Cruel Prince wasn’t exactly my favourite either, lol! Will try to get to it soon! (and I agree on the ACOSF cover…like why???)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure Alissa! 💕 Ahhh yes, The Wicked King is SO much better than The Cruel Prince, making me glad that I chose to continue the series, hope that you enjoy it! I’m really glad you agree in the ACOSF cover, perhaps it was trying to be different being from Nesta’s POV but I’m still disappointed haha.


  7. Oh, I think you can totally use six of crows for all of those. Except maybe for ugliest cover because the six of crows covers are beautiful. You’re totally right, that cover is GROSS.
    This is such a great tag! Ha, I proooobably won’t be able to do it before christmas but we’ll see if I’m able to do it in January…when it’s still technically the winter.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. It’s so hard to pick different books every time I do a new tag!! It makes me feel like I haven’t read enough books 😅 Great post Cherelle!! It was super fun ☺️

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  9. Holly Black put so many good plot twists in Wicked King! That book seriously kept me on my toes. I couldn’t agree with you more on Court of Silver Flames cover – SO ugly

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  10. I loved reading all your responses! I’ve heard so many good things about Addie Larue, and I definitely need to get to it when I get a chance to. I totally agree with The Wicked King and all the plot twists! It’s definitely my favorite of the series. And you’re totally right about ACOSF. Like out of every design, why did they have to do that?? haha

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Allison! Ahh yess Addie was definitely one of the most hyped books for the year and totally deserves it, hope that you enjoy it! Same here, I was blown away by TWK and was definitely glad I continued with it especially when TCP disappointed me. Thanks for your comment! ❤️


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