Review: For I Pity Them || the lovely potterhead aanya has written another impressive book 🥰

“It is easy to do somethings, but it is difficult to be quiet, be patient and not do anything.”

The lovely Potterhead Aanya has written yet another book! I’ll be doing a short review this short yet insightful book. Thank you Aanya for the review copy!


Published: 26 November 2020 || Read: 8 December 2020

No. of Pages: 42 (kindle/e-book)

Amazon: Goodreads || Amazon || Author Website

Pity, what is it? It’s the feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the sufferings and misfortunes of others. I don’t pity those who are poor, ill, dying, yes I do feel sorry and pain, seeing them in such a condition, but I pity those who are rich, spoiled and have everything. Why? Read on…… 

When I finished this book in one sitting, my reaction was to breathe a “wow”. I was truly impressed with how thought provoking For I Pity Them was!

The thing that stood out to me was Aanya’s writing. She writes from first person and I felt as if I were seated in front of her, with her narrating… it did feel intense at times, in a good way. Aanya’s voice is resolute in the way she addressed some of the brutal truths people don’t admit. Her unflinching honesty and accusations of pretentiousness etc blew me away. I was so admiring of how much she stood firm in her opinions.

Furthermore, I really liked how there was a mix of both prose and poetry in the book, making it more engaging and persuasive.

Despite her perhaps somewhat harsh tone which definitely set the mood well, I could truly see her passion and that she cared. She didn’t just criticise, but uplifted as well and I found that to be a good balance.

For I pity them is a book exploring pity. And I loved how it was done. From the way pity was defined and separated from some other emotions, to how it was demonstrated through metaphors and analogies… after reading the book I definitely had a lot of food for thought.

Aanya writes with maturity beyond her years, and I truly enjoyed hearing her thought-out views on hard hitting topics relating to pity such as war, which she handled with sensitivity and grace, but not once forgetting what she stood for.

For I Pity Them is a short read, but an incredibly impactful one as well! You guys should go pick it up!

Have you guys read For I Pity Them? And go give Aanya some love on her blog!

20 thoughts on “Review: For I Pity Them || the lovely potterhead aanya has written another impressive book 🥰

        1. Hmm…well I don’t usually buy ebooks (library is so useful haha)…maybe I’ll do that…I know that this is short but I do still have a lot of books to read right now so it may be a little bit before I get to it anyways. Thanks for the recommendation!

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  1. I agree full-heartedly with the quote you used in the beginning of your review! Sometimes those moments where we have to “wait” instead of act are the most trying tests of character. Great review!

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