The Outstanding Blogger Award #2 πŸ’›|| ft. childhood tv shows, six of crows and my to-gos

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the rhyming title and the chance to include one of my favourite books in it.

You guys are all so sweet! Today, I’m really excited to answer all your questions. Thank you so much to Tess @ Unbound Library, Millay @ Millay’s Musings, Bex @ Bex the Bibliophile, Aleks @ Aleks and the Books, Isabella @ All You Need is Love and Books, Pilar @ The Bookworm Shelf and Belle @ This Belle Reads Too for your nominations… I’m truly touched!


  • Provide a link back to the creators original post
  • Answer the questions provided
  • Create 7 unique questions
  • Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you, can be nominated.
  • At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award.

tess’ questions

In which have books/reading had an impact on your life?

Oh my books/reading is my life and I cannot emphasize its significance to me enough. it has brought me so much joy, allowed me to learn about so many different cultures, gave me friends and characters to look up to, made me feel and learn so much! And the list goes on.

What’s your favourite fruit?

Mango! πŸ₯­ (this was even before A Sky Beyond the Storm hahaha, if you know, you know!!)

A dream you remember vividly.

Hmm I’m don’t know but I am determined to fulfil my dream of finishing my tbr. I know, it’s not going to happen so it’s a vivid dream haha!

Your favourite fictional character(s).

Oh gosh if I answer this question in full, it’s going to be a whole long ride. But let’s just go with a new favourite for me.

I recently finished Legendborn by Tracey Deonn as part of Eryn’s book club (book buzz)’s botm for December. Though I had a few issues with it (you can read my goodreads review here), I did enjoy the King Arthur retelling as well as the characters immensely. Bree, our protagonist has such a feisty spirit and I absolutely love all her witty comebacks. She doesn’t let anyone get away with insulting her because of her race and gender and that amount of courage and pride in her identity is so inspiring!

Five questions you’d ask your favourite author(s).

  1. HOW DO YOU DO IT, really!!
  2. If your characters had favourite Disney/ Les Mis songs, what would they be? (I’m now imagining Kaz Brekker’s favourite disney song and am laughing so hard)
  3. What was the first book that got you into reading?
  4. What inspired you to become an author?
  5. Your favourite book you wrote?

(i apologise these questions here are not the most creative because if i did get to meet them in real life, then i would probably not be able to compose myself and ask good questions unfortunately haha-)

Top 3 books on your TBR.

Currently, it’s The Poppy War series by R.F. Kuang, Legendborn by Tracey Deonn(which I am reading now) and Vicious by V.E. Schwab, I talked about them in a post here!

What’s your favourite subject and least favourite ones?

As in subject in school? Ahh I love literature, no surprise here… I’m just awaiting the day where we study a contemporary book because that would be so intriguing! Least favourite would be physics?

millay’s questions

What is your favourite way to express yourself?


What is one thing that you would give anything to do/have/be?

To be part of a book, or be buddies with my favourite characters or have super writing skills. Realistically, I would love one of those book boxes but unfortunately, the shipping is more expensive then the boxes itself haha.

What is your dream job?

A writer!!

What is your spirit animal?

I’m a bear??

What is your favourite self-care product?

Who is your favourite celebrity?

*lists favourite authors*

What are 3 things you are thankful for in 2020?

I am thankful that most of my family is safe and healthy, for this blog and of course for books!

bex’s questions

What is your favourite thing about winter?

I love this question because I can’t answer it haha! Where is live is summer all year round, thank you lovely equator…. but I would love winter because its cold and I don’t need the scorching temperatures all year round.

If you could only ever read one book, what would it be and why?

Ahh the evil question has arrived! I have no idea how to answer this question so I’ll just pick one of my favourites.

Yes, I know I talk about Six of Crows way too much but I’m pretty sure it could keep me entertained for all eternity… imagine me after a hundred years of only being able to read Six of Crows, I would be able to recite all that amazing banter, perhaps acquire Kaz’s smart skills (okay that’s highly impossible but a girl can dream), and learn what it takes to be part of the crew so in my afterlife I can go join them and not get rejected! Perfect plan, isn’t it?

What was your favourite TV shows growing up?

I started reading really young and am grateful for that, so I didn’t have much time to watch television. Thus here are some shows from my *really* young days.

Pororo – ALWAYS HAVING FUN WITH PLAYFUL LITTLE PENGUIN PORORO… PORO-PORO-PORO-RO-RO-PORORO (or at least how I think the song goes, I’m impressed with myself that my head still sings it after so many years haha!)

Doc McStuffins – I remember watching this when I was a little older but was just as obsessed and had to emulate her with my own stuff toys haha.

If you could be transported into one book, which one would you pick?

There are a thousand amazing worlds but I will always choose Keeper of the Lost Cities. The world building is extraordinary, and I could appreciate it even more thanks to Unlocked (book 8.5). And who wouldn’t want to go go such a scenic place with good food?

(when I saw the illustration of mallowmelt, I nearly melted)

What is your favourite type of sweet?

I grew up with Yupi gummies, my favourites were the original gummy bears or the burger gummies haha!

What is your go to drink when reading?


What book did you think you would hate but you actually loved?

Honestly, I don’t really try to predict whether I hate books or not.

However, I was hesitant about going into Between Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepetys. Previously, Salt to the Sea disappointed me a lot but I’m glad I gave the former a try because I ended up resonating so much with it and in awe the brual atmosphere crated.

aleks’ questions

If you could only read one author for the rest of your life, who would it be?

We don’t do this here in this household.

What did you think was cool when you were younger, but is not cool anymore?

I don’t know!

You are about to get into a fight, what song would you play to pump yourself up?

One Day More from the musical Les Miserables. I’m not sure if it’s directly related but every time I hear it I’m so filled with energy haha.

What superhero do you wish you were?

This is more of an anti-hero but I would love to be part of the Anarchists squad in Renegades… I much prefer their quirkiness to the good guys… and I truly want to meet Leroy, one of my favs in the series!

Do you prefer reading a book before seeing a movie or seeing a movie first and then reading a book?


But in all seriousness, sometimes seeing the movie for books I’m not interested in at all is a good idea.

What is your favourite book/movie quote?

β€œA woman’s past need not predict her future. She can dance to new music if she chooses. Her own music. To hear the tune, she must stop talking. To herself I mean. We’re always trying to persuade ourselves of things.”

Before We Were Yours (Lisa Wingate)

Ahh here’s a book I don’t talk about enough! For movie quote…anything that Mushu says is iconic and no one can change my mind.

What was your favourite fairytale growing up?

The twelve dancing princesses!

isabella’s questions

Favourite food?

Favourite thing to do in your town (before quarantine)?

Go to the library or watch movies!

Favourite short story?

I will forever be recommending this novella by Fredrik Backman. And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer somehow made me shed so many tears in less than a hundred pages. I loved the characters so much, the relationship between Noah and his grandad was really endearing. And this book touched on the topic of dementia with so much grace that I could really resonate.

β€œIt’s an awful thing to miss someone who’s still here.”

Unique talent?

That doesn’t exist haha… but I do collect springs from pens…

Coffee or tea?

water haha

Penpal or texts?

Ooh I don’t penpal though I would like to someday so it’s texts for now!

Favorite hobby?

pilar’s questions

What is one of your favourite traditions (from any holiday or just in general)?

My favourite holiday would be Chinese New Year. I remember fondly how intrigued I was by lion dances (image on the left) held in school as a child. And now, I just love being able to meet up with all my relatives and having a good time over food and of course receiving ang baos (red packets with money)

What are you currently reading and what do you think so far?

I’m currently reading The Word Trove by Elias Vorphal (it’s my very first ARC!! *cue the chaos*) and am enjoying it a lot! The amount of puns and clever references is making me smile all the way!

What is your favourite sport (either to play or watch)?

I don’t dance myself, but I love watching dance competitions.

What is your favourite childhood TV show/movie?

I’ve mentioned it above for Bex’s questions: it would be Pororo and Doc McStuffins!

Do you aspire to write a book someday? If yes, what genre?

Yes! I would love to attempt a historical fiction novel!

What is your dream job?

As mentioned above, writer!!

What do you struggle the most with while blogging?

Ah I think it’s the interaction? I love reading everyone’s posts but many a times miss a lot of good ones because I have no time and I follow so many blogs.

belle’s questions

What books are on your priority list in 2021?

Some backlisted books I am hoping to get to!

I loved This Tender Land a lot, and didn’t know it was a companion novel Ordinary Grace by William, Kent Krueger… so I’ll definitely be reading this one. Ahh I have heard a many passionate bloggers effusing about We Are Not Free and These Violent Delights. The Midnight Library was originally on my fall tbr but due to covid, I didn’t manage to snag a copy of the book so I hope to get to it in 2021!

Shoutout book bloggers you love!

There are way too many, if you want some blogs to check out, all the people who nominated me (links in the intro) are all awesome people.

What are some of your favourite releases in 2020?

Ember Queen was my favourite book in the Ash Princess trilogy, the politics as well as the crazy/creepy/epic plot got me! Ahh A Sky Beyond the Storm was another favourite ending to a series though it broke me so so so much. You guys already know about The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. For The Kingdom of Back, extra points for that stunning cover, and I enjoyed the retelling + music element!

Do you have an author you would want to have a debate with?

Hmm about the love triangles and how they turn out? Suzanne Collins please then as a start haha.

Who is your ultimate OTP?

Can’t choose one haha, someday I’ll do a post on all of them… but I’m sure the frequenters of my blog can guess easily.

Recommend a book based on your favourite movie.

One of my all time favourite movies would be Avengers: Endgame. And pairing it with one of my all time favourite books: Six of Crows would be so apt: both have kind of a found family element, as well as a heist… I would also match Endgame to The Young Elites. Endgame has a much darker tone – people who enjoyed that would mostly likely enjoy all the intense anti-hero themes in this trilogy… oh and the superpowers!

What are your top 3 blog posts of the year?


I’ve already nominated some bloggers in this post!

Anyway, thank you so much once again to: Tess, Millay, Bex, Aleks, Isabella, Pilar and Belle for the nominations, I had a lot of fun crafting my responses!

How is the last 2 weeks of 2020 going for you? What are your favourite ways to express yourself? What are your favourite 2020 releases?

53 thoughts on “The Outstanding Blogger Award #2 πŸ’›|| ft. childhood tv shows, six of crows and my to-gos”

  1. I’m curious, what time period would you want to write your historical fiction book on?
    I have the same dream to write a full-length book one day that is superpower-based fantasy. I kind of want to create my own x-men.

    The short story you mentioned seems like such a tearjerker and I will have to check up on that one. Also have you read House of Salt and Sorrows? It’s a 12 Dancing Princesses retelling!

    And reading everyone’s posts can be time consuming. I was off wordpress for 24 hours and my feed was filled with tons of posts.

    Also learning Kaz’s tricks is something I would do only if I had all the time in the world. I WISH. — Great post Cherelle!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ahh I have no concrete idea yet… it would be tricky but I’d love to tackle the Sino-Japanese War! Ooh, I would totally read that, I am a sucker for both superpowers and fantasy!!

      I have definitely heard of House of Salt and Sorrows, but am a little hesitant to read it because some reviewers mention that it is a little “creepy”… and I am a huge scaredy-cat!

      Aww I’m so glad you can relate.

      I KNOW RIGHT. Thank you for your comment Kirsten!!


  2. I loved reading your answers! I would love to know characters go to Disney songs, that would tell me so much about them. I’m reading Six of Crows in February and I can’t wait to because of how much you love it πŸ˜€

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Hmmmm to be a grammar nazi or to not be a grammar nazi….
    Anyways, loved these answers! aaaaaah yes I want to be an author too! Wow historical fiction books are hard to write because there’s so much research but they’re awesome! (I’m not counting the book I’m writing based in 2019 as historical fiction).The Kingdom of Back was such an interesting book, I agree! Oh wow, so I love Les Mis but I haven’t listened to One Day More in a very long time, I’ll have to check that out soon!
    Loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, love the term “grammar nazi”…

      Ooh what is your book set in 2019 about? Yeah, historical fiction is a tough one to write realistically, so I am in awe of authors who do so well in writing them.

      Ahhh another Les Mis fan, virtual high five! Have fun with One Day More! And thank you for commenting, Phoenix!πŸ’•

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha ha yeah.

        Hmm well it’s about a girl. (very specific I know) Anyways, she lives in Houston, Texas and is a big Houston Astros fan (that’s the major league baseball team in houston). Anyways, she goes to a game and witnesses one of the players saying a homophobic slur (this actually happened) and since she’s LGBTQIAP+ she’s really shocked and angry. And then it’s just about like how she deals with that and like her best friend is homophobic and gets angry when she tells her, and then it’s sort of her discovering supporters in her baseball team–and homophobes. I wanted to make it to show that like anyone can play a sport, even if you’re queer, because there’s VERY few queer people in sports and it’s something I really want to help change (I mean out queer people. There’s obviously closeted ones there).
        Ha ha sorry that was so long.

        Yeah! I listened to One Day More, it was…good? I still like Do You Hear the People Sing better. I like Castle on a Cloud too but that’s just because it’s sort of short and sweet and stuff.


        1. Thanks! Though I’m not really writing that one right now…I’m more writing my little mermaid retelling (ish. It’s baaarely a retelling, I’ve changed it so much)
          I know! It just makes me want to hug Cosette….it makes me so sad.
          Then there’s that part, aah I can’t remember it but the song is rhyming and stuff and then it mentions ‘toys’ and then it goes, ‘boys and girls,’ when it could have said ‘girls and boys’ which would RHYME IT and that is just very annoying haha


  4. I loved your answers Cherelle and this was a lovely post! Congratulations on your other nominations! Your favorite releases have some wonderful covers!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congrats on the nomination!

    I have A Sky Beyond the Storm and The Invisible Life of Addie Larue! Both of which I am excited to get to! Though I am apprehensive as to whether or not I will enjoy Addie Larue. Hopefully, neither disappoints.

    Ohhhh! I hope to hear and read about your historical fiction novel one day! That’s very cool! πŸ’™

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Congrats, Cherelle! ❀

    That's so awesome you want to be writer! I hope your dream comes true. If I ever get to write, mine will probably have fantasy elements.

    Ooh, what is Kaz Brekker's favorite Disney song? Now I'm imagining him breaking out in song in the middle of a fight, haha. 🀣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Noelle… ooh writing fantasy would be thrilling, do you have anything in mind as of now haha? I know!! The overall Disney vibe is quite light-hearted, cute and feminist but there are some songs that will definitely fit him haha… ahh now that is a sight! Thanks for your comment! πŸ’›

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually, I have an idea for a YA fantasy standalone, but I have to do some research and draw an outline for the story first to see if it will work. I also have a trilogy I’m working on, but that’s a long-term project that might take 10 years to complete, haha. Thanks for asking! πŸ’›

        I hope you’re staying healthy and safe, Cherelle!


  7. I’ve seen lots of reviews for Six of Crows recently. You’ve definitely inspired me to check it out πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  8. awesome post, cherelle! i enjoyed reading all your answers πŸ’– the invisible life of addie larue is one of my fav 2020 releases too. i still need to read an ember in the ashes and the kingdom of back. most probably next year!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. “We don’t do this here in this household.” LOLLLLL.
    Oh I’m glad to find another reader who enjoyed The Kingdom of Back!! I loved seeing how music was explored in the book, and the sibling relationship was so interesting. And I can’t wait for Shadow and Bone (combining both the Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows series) series to hit Netflix!!


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