Blog Tour: On the Tips of Her Fingers by Bibiana Kerpcar | A Whimsical, Fairytale-like Fantasy with a Big Heart

Hello everyone! I’m back after two weeks of ghosting the blogosphere and bringing you my very first blog tour. Today, I’m incredibly excited to share my tour stop of On The Tips of Her Fingers by Bibiana Kerpcar, a YA fantasy novel published a month ago.

Thank you to Turn the Page tours and the author for providing me a copy for an honest review. You can click the tour banner right below to view the tour schedule and author interview and go give some love to the other upcoming bloggers!


Genre(s): Fantasy | Age Group: Young Adult
Series: No

Publication: 11 December 2020 | Read: 23 January 2021
No. of Pages: 330

Click here to view Trigger Warnings Death, Child abuse

“We create monsters in our lives. Our response to them determines how our stories unfold. You can choose to cower in fear and ignorance of them, or you can choose to confront them head on, gathering the intuition and courage to defeat them.”

On the Tips of Her Fingers centers around Adela, a young girl leading a seemingly quiet life, whose mother spins beautiful stories for her at night. A series of strange events lead to Adela being gifted with magical abilities allowing her to escape from her world. We travel with Adela far from home where she begins to unravel a family secret, stumbling as she learns to use her powers, navigating difficult situations and her own complex feelings about growing up, and meeting friends, magical creatures, talking animals, and evil villains along the way.

In a world that can seem complicated, Adela shows the reader the importance of perseverance, courage, and a little bit of magic. On The Tips of Her Fingers is a dark fairytale that will inspire fans of fiction, fairytales, and magical realism to grapple with the concepts of escapism and self-identity in a whole new way.

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Never did I think that [Adela], blessed with magic, would end up finding magic within her.

Admittedly, in my opinion, this is a book full of cliches. And it somehow still managed to impress me. On the Tips of Her Fingers follows Adela, a young girl who possesses the ability to escape the world, by travelling through time. It was whimsical and fairytale-like, with your typical talking animals, journey into different and quaint places and encountering different creatures, both out of harm and out to help her. These cliches did not make me roll my eyes unlike what I was expecting, instead, they flooded me with nostalgia and made me smile warmly at this simple, well-meaning story which was not bombastic in any way. I enjoyed seeing also very specific fairytale elements incorporated such as how giving one your name gives them power, and I marvelled at how Bibiana managed to pull off many dramatic yet “cliche” moments beautifully to fulfil my little expectant heart.

A sad ending, but an ending nonetheless.

However, there were times where this “cliche” quality worked against the story, in which that I was able to predict what happened correctly, thus the story feeling quite anti-climatic and losing its sense of mystery.

Despite that, the story maintains its sense of wonder, and this was especially attributed to the wonderful characterisation of 11-year-old Adela. The perspective of Adela felt so real and I treasured how the story was rooted in her innate love for her family, but also formed a base of her loneliness and fear and need for escapism. Adela did fall flat at times with her growth being a bit monotonous, but overall she felt like an actual 11-year-old in terms of her personality and response to her power.

“Monsters,” he said, “are only monstrous when you give them the power to be so. Monsters are everywhere in this world. I can be a monster. You can be a monster.”

On the other hand, characters that I felt that I did not enjoy would be the side characters. I felt that they had so much potential to add to the story but most of them were rather sporadic (which I understand given its fairytale quality but did not like as much) and appearances fleeting, with little impact on our main character.

Another main issue I had with At the Tips of Her Fingers would be the pacing. A chapter could pass in a couple of pages and suddenly the whole setting and direction of the story would change course drastically. It didn’t seem to dwell on any important moments more than those negligible ones, making the whole story feel flat and all lumped together. This was to the extent that the action scenes were rushed and not memorable nor impactful at all, which was a great pity.

Time stood still as the soft howls of wolves and cooing hoots of owls danced and mingled in the wintry air.

On the Tips of Her Fingers still managed to blow me away with its construction, with all the different timelines entwining with each other in astounding ways and how they were weaved together and made sense of in the end was simply excellent. I also want to give the author’s note a special shoutout, for her sharing on her thoughts on stories deeply resonated with me, and I’m sure will with you all as well.

This short yet sweet little fairytale-like story showed me how much I can actually enjoy cliche stories. Apart from the pacing and side characters, I truly enjoyed this compelling read with the theme of hope. Thank you Bibiana for such a great debut, I definitely found myself in this one.


Here is a slideshow of some quotes that struck me and graphics that I made for them, enjoy!


Bibiana is an alumna of Georgetown University, where she graduated with a degree in Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship. She is an immigrant currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, she loved to read as a method to escape: in addition to helping her cope with challenges, she aimed to take inspiration from the books she loved growing up — ones that explored dark themes and forced characters to struggle, yet allowed them to come out of the experience with a newfound understanding of themselves and the world around them. During the day, Bibiana works in advertising, where she works with talented people to create amazing work. Outside of watching Slovak fairytales every holiday season, she enjoys cuddling up with her kitten and conjuring up fantastical worlds in her imagination.

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And that was my tour stop for On the Tips of Her Fingers by Bibiana Kerpcar. Thank you once again to Turn the Page tours for selecting me, Bibiana for the wonderful debut and you all for reading. I’m so happy to be back blogging again!

Are you planning to read On the Tips of Her Fingers? What other “cliche” books have resonated with you?

20 thoughts on “Blog Tour: On the Tips of Her Fingers by Bibiana Kerpcar | A Whimsical, Fairytale-like Fantasy with a Big Heart

  1. I love this review! I’m in the same blog tour, and my post is supposed to be up in a couple of days. I love the slideshow of quotes!! Great job ❤

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  2. Ahh Cherelle!! This book sounds so interesting!! I’m so sorry that you didn’t like the side characters as much as you thought you would, and that the pacing wasn’t great!! To be honest, I love when cliches in books are done right, so I think I might pick this up!! I also loved all the graphics you made!! Lovely review as always!! 💖

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  3. Such a lovely post Cherelle! Congrats on your very first blog tour, too!! I enjoyed reading your review, and those graphics you made just incredible 🤩 I have to say, this book sounds very interesting, and I feel like if I read it, I would have similar opinions as you? Can’t wait to test this hypothesis out 😀

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