hello there, welcome to my little bookish corner of the internet: a bolt out of the book!!

i’m cherelle, a blogger and bookstagrammer from singapore, one with a penchant for rambling, and a weakness for enemies to lovers mingled in found families in books who make my dead soul feel *things*. i generally gravitate towards historical fiction and fantasy, but i’m game for anything that perks my interest, as evidenced by my towering tbr. i started this blog on a whim not too long ago, and now it’s grown to be a place for my effusive rants about books.

other than dominating this blog with my bookish rambled, i recently started a bookstagram account @aboltoutofthebook, and also co-run BOOKS GO BOOM, a book club on goodreads with Ashmita @ The Fictional Journal. 💥

favourite books – ya

favourite books – adult

about the blog

“a bolt out of the book” was started back in september 2020, then known as “cherelle the bibliophile”. the blog name reflects my obsession with puns, it being a word play on the idiom “a bolt out of the blue”, which describes a sudden or unexpected turn of events or news, which often would shock and surprise us. and aren’t books just like that as well, the characters, intense plot twists, infuriating cliffhangers eliciting such visceral reactions from us, who invest our time, emotion and soul into books?

credits: site graphics made using canva | book cover images from goodreads | profile picture @arigate

authors & publishers: if you would like to request a review, please head over to my review policy page and drop me an email at aboltoutofthebook@gmail.com, thank you!

so that’s it for now folks! i’ll see you around. 🥰 please feel free to drop a comment to say hi, or you can also get in touch via email or my contact form!

27 thoughts on “about”

  1. Oooo…I also loved The Nightingale and All the Light We Cannot See! I have The Book Thief on my shelf waiting for me to read. I have been excited to read it but haven’t had a chance to dive into it yet. So many books I want to read…..

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  2. OMG I love your blog!! Plus, I see you like reading World War II novels too, which the same with me and they never fail to break my heart! Amazing work 💖

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    1. Maeve, hello! Thank you for your kind words! YES ANOTHER HAMILTON FAN, what’s your favourite song?? Ooh I’m truly glad to hear that, war novels are my favs despite them making me cry like crazy haha, if you need recs let me know okay! Thank you so much for dropping by! 💖

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        1. I would go with my all time favourite Lovely War (ww1 narrated by Greek Gods) and All the Light We Cannot See, as well as The Book Thief. Those are admittedly slow paced so if you want a war novel with more action, I highly recommend Kate Quinn’s books, especially The Alice Network or The Huntress! 🤗

          I KNOW, it is near IMPOSSIBLE to pick between so many incredible songs. I love The Schuyler Sisters as well, and ahh Non-Stop reverberates in my head every single day haha. 🥰

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  3. I just discovered your blog and LOVE the design! I’m also excited to find another book blogger who loves musicals and Disney movies 😍 (Mushu is the best.)

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      1. I still haven’t watch the live action yet, but I was disappointed to hear Mushu and grandma weren’t in it 😞 but yes, the cartoon is special 😍

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  4. AHH HI I just stumbled upon your blog and it’s so cool 😍 I love reading historical fiction too and WW2 novels always make me cry 😭 and found family trope owns my heart!! I hope to see more of your awesome content! 💖

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