🌷 November Wrap-Up || a splendid month with Β½ of this year’s 5 star reads?! 🀩 || ft. GIF-y Love #3 || Character Chat #1

Hello everyone! I somehow dread and love writing these wrap-ups at the same time. It gives me great pleasure to look back on the month and talk about some of the highlights with you all, but it's scary as it flew so fast... 2020 is *wild wind whooshes in*.

But nonetheless, I truly enjoyed my month of November, and it was one of many great milestones for blogging for me. I changed my site name from "cherelle the bibliophile" to "a bolt out of the book", something I always wanted to do but was apprehensive, you can learn about the new name here!

Furthermore, I set up a book club with Ashmita @ The Fictional Journal on Goodreads: BOOKS GO BOOM!! You can learn more about it here (my post) and here (Ashmita's post). We just decided on the Book of the Month for December which is SET FIRE TO THE GODS by Kristin Simmons and Sarah Raasch, I am so excited to read it with you all in the club!

Okay without further ado, let's see November!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT (please read!!) || welcome to β€œa bolt out of the book” 🌩

Hey everyone! This is still Cherelle from cherelle the bibliophile. Except not really. I have decided to change my site name and address to:

a bolt out of the book

new site address: https://aboltoutofthebook.wordpress.com/

Don't worry! It is still the same site, the same theme, the same cringy tagline, the same ugly graphics... I'm still following all your lovely blogs, my old posts are intact... just that some of my comment links won't work anymore and I won't receive pingbacks linked to my old site address :(. (Please give me a while to sort out the visuals!)

Okay okay but why??

(because of my itchy fingers)