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hello friends! my aim is to introduce as many good books to fellow readers or spark conversations about books. hence, i normally prefer to publish reviews of books i enjoyed which i have given higher ratings. if you would like to read reviews of ALL the books i’ve read, inclusive of my favourites and the disappointments, you can friend/follow me on goodreads. 🥰

that being said, my reviews are where i voice out all my thoughts, both good and bad, but i am never disrespectful. this is so that my readers can have access to fair and unbiased reviews. my reviews also do not contain spoilers unless indicated so please read with ease. i hope that you’ll find some brilliant books for your tbr! ❤️

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rating system

i rate the books on a 5 star scale, please note that my ratings are subjective, and are not fixed, they can change with time and is just my personal take which would definitely differ from that of other reviewers!


i’m quite stingy with these perfect 5 stars but that means that if you see one, that book is absolutely brilliant and lives in my mind and heart rent free. 💖


i still consider 4 stars as an excellent meaning! this is for books which powerful messages and themes which resonate with me, apart from other elements. would recommend’ ✨


i did enjoy this one, perhaps some elements displeased me, but as a whole, it was worth my time!


this book wasn’t bad, it probably got dry in the middle or i had some major issues with certain elements.

i didn’t like this one at all unfortunately, and would not recommend it to anyone… this is not to say that the book is trash, but simply that i’m not the correct audience.


i had difficulty completing the book and put it down. it may not be that it rocked me to sleep but sometimes because of triggering events or foul language used which made me uncomfortable… however i do believe in preserving and giving all books a chance.

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