The Outstanding Blogger Award #2 πŸ’›|| ft. childhood tv shows, six of crows and my to-gos

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist the rhyming title and the chance to include one of my favourite books in it. You guys are all so sweet! Today, I'm really excited to answer all your questions. Thank you so much to Tess @ Unbound Library, Millay @ Millay's Musings, Bex @ Bex the Bibliophile, Aleks @… Continue reading The Outstanding Blogger Award #2 πŸ’›|| ft. childhood tv shows, six of crows and my to-gos

The Outstanding Blogger Award🌷

Hello everyone! Yes, as you can see by the title, it's once again time to embrace all that love the book blogging community is throwing at me! πŸ₯° Thank you so much, I am so shocked! I was nominated by 4 amazing bloggers 😭 but so as to not make this a long post, I will answer the questions of 2 of them today and 2 in another post. Thank you so much to Riddhi @ Whispering Stories and Alicia @ The Colorful Bibliophile! 😍 I've linked their website names to one of their posts I know you will enjoy.

The Liebster Award

Hello hello everyone! Happy November to you all. πŸ₯° It's finally the school break for me (aka two full months of *freedom*πŸ₯³) so I hope to be more active in blogging and reading + commenting on everyone's blogs as well. How has everything been for you guys? Have you all started your first November read? I'm on Salt to the Sea, a historical fiction which has been recommended to me countless of times so I am super satisfied that I am finally getting down to it!✌️ Anyway, today, I am honoured to have been nominated by Siena @ Booksophobia for The Liebster Award. Yes, I know, I love her blog name too! She participates in quite a few memes and discussion posts which I really enjoy reading... and writes pretty good reviews. Do go enjoy your time over at her blog and thank you Siena! πŸ’– Let's enter the award, shall we? *reverent music*