Fall Time, Cozy Time Tag || The Pumpkin Spice Latte Book Tag 🍂

It’s time to ignore the fact that its eternally summer here and dive into some fall tags! Again, my apologies I had to do the seasonal tags first or I would have to wait till next year! I know I am super behind on tags haha, but I have them all jotted down somewhere and eagerly look forward to all of them.

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August & September Wrap-Up || first month in blogging!

Today we are 10 months into the new 10 years! This new decade has taken an unprecedented turn but here we are, fellow bibliophiles, surviving it and reading more in turn! ❤📚

But before we welcome the month of October, here’s my wrap-up for August and September. Yes, this is for 2 months because I did not read much in September due to school exams. 😥 Continue reading “August & September Wrap-Up || first month in blogging!”