JUNE WRAP UP | My first Five Star Read of the year – New favourite series incoming! (no prizes for guessing)

Hello friends! Hope you all had a lovely June though ah it’s already about mid year where has time gone? Ignores the fact that I question time Every. Single. Wrap up.

For me with school break June was definitely a more restful month though I still had so much studying and projects to be done, and I’m thrilled to report that I’ve managed to catch up on my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 60 books. June was a month filled with many anticipated reads and they did not disappoint, and it also granted me my very first five star read of the year and I couldn’t have been more happy with what it was.

Enough rambling, let’s talk books, blogging & life!


I managed to read SO many more books in June, with a grand total of 12, so now I’ve finally moved from 6 books behind my GR reading challenge to 3 in front!

Admonition by Kathryn Amurra [★★★½]

Admonition is the second book of the soothsayer’s path series though it can be read as a standalone. I read book 1: Soothsayer back in December last year and was thrilled when Kathryn Amurra approached me once again with an ARC of Admonition. Once again, a heartfelt historical romance full of atmosphere and most definitely swoon-worthy was presented, I really enjoyed it!

Vengeful by V.E. Schwab [★★★★]

Damn V.E. Schwab. I thought Vicious was already maxed out intensity so woah I was not prepared for vengeful in the slightest. It introduces a new bunch of deadly, enigmatic characters alongside Victor and Eli, all of them playing their own vicious games of revenge and power. The way the timelines of past and present, as well as the storyline of each of the characters were twisted together intricately was so brilliant. Vengeful keeps up with the morally grey element, the found family, as well as continuing to grab my heart and mind and not let go. Definitely a thrilling sequel!

Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim [★★★★]

Spin the Dawn, Elizabeth Lim’s other series was my first read of the year. I appreciated the magical, whimsical vibe of it but something was missing… however, I’m so happy to say that Six Crimson Cranes was perfect! It packs in it themes of family and hope among dragons, curses and quests which are part of the retelling aspect of the German fairytale: The Wild Swans. The characters and the plot were all executed amazingly through the flowing prose, and I can’t recommend this one enough when it comes out next week!! (arc review + blog tour to come soon!)

The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang [★★★★★]

*Thoughts below*

Lore by Alexandra Bracken [★★★½]

The first thing that struck me about this book was greek mythology!! Yes i’m proud of my inner percy jackson obsessed soul and will read virtually ANYTHING to do with greek gods haha. And lore delivered greek mythology in an urban setting wonderfully. The stakes were high, the adventure fast-paced, and at it’s core it’s an exploration of anger and fate through lore (our main character)’s dark backstory and the way she deals with things.

I read it as part of the Books Go Boom book club‘s June BOTM (it’s run by me and Ashmita!) and truly enjoyed the ride!

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab [★★]

Ah disappointment reeks. I fell head over heels for the Villains duology, loved Addie LaRue and was ready to adopt the Shades of Magic series as new favourite… But no. Honestly, ADSOM to me was a book with great concept, I loved the magic system in particular… however the execution fell really flat. The book felt significantly underwhelming… where was all the intensity and fire i felt from vicious? I felt detached from the characters (probably only was interested in holland), could not feel any build up, and not the slightest excited during “climatic” portions. It was a very “meh” book overall unfortunately, but do let me know if it’s worth giving book 2 a try!

Slay by Brittney Morris [★★★★]

Wow this contemporary novel with a touch of sci-fi was truly powerful and well… awesome. The characters, especially our MC Kiera, were so compellingly written, and the discussions of race and the black experience truly thoughtful and incredible. Also, the sheer amount of warcross vibes radiating with the VR game world was so good ah!! An empowering story of strength and beauty of black culture, this is definitely one you need to add to your tbr!

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown [★★★]

Ah A Song of Wraiths and Ruin felt like a typical YA fantasy full of tropes for me, with the “I’m here to kill you but am falling for you” as the baseline of the story which was predictable and the instalove, ugh big NO. Malik and Karina also felt really two dimensional, nothing truly stood out to me about them and I more or less wasn’t concerned with what happened to them. However, one element I did appreciate was the folklore weaved throughout the story!

Unravel the Dusk by Elizabeth Lim [★★★]

Unravel the Dusk was a quick, but enjoyable read for me! I love how it tackled the ending of Spin the Dawn and once again brought us on an adventure filled with magic, and this time with much more political intrigue! Also, I was delighted by the famous Chinese myth referenced (one which I grow up with) and how it was weaved into the story!

The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang [★★★★½] – reread

What can I say? I love this book so freaking much, it’s brilliant, please go read it. The Poppy War brings with it Rin, a morally grey, complex main character built on a foundation of emotional turmoil, history and class structure, accompanied by other intriguing side characters who will give you PAIN. It’s a harsh, unflinching portrayal of war, neither romanticised nor sensationalised, as well as a brutal yet meaningful glimpse of chinese history through a fantastical lens filled with lore. The Poppy War draws parallel to The Second Sino-Japanese War, while The Dragon Republic and The Burning God is based on the Chinese Civil War, and reading about my culture’s history and the exploration of the themes was just so impactful and made me prouder as well as more thoughtful about my identity as a Chinese.

The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang [★★★★★] – reread

My first five star read of the year! And for good reason. If The Poppy War was brilliant, The Dragon Republic would be shattering, groundbreaking and pure, unfiltered power. The themes of power, identity, war, discrimination and colonisation were ingrained in this novel as we witnessed the dramatic character arcs of Rin and the rest, as well as how, with reference to history, the war waged on ruthlessly. Rage and revenge is rampant in The Dragon Republic, Kuang once again does not shy from the darkness of the civil war or that of Western colonisation, and kills it with such an ending. GAH I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH BUT MY HEART HURTS SO BAD.

The Burning God by R.F. Kuang [★★★★★]

If pain were tangible, it would most definitely manifest in the form of The Burning God. I honestly don’t know what to say, I can’t form coherent sentences of how much I love this book and series. It’s thrilling, It’s devastating, it is such a masterpiece. Character arcs coming to an end, whatever was foreshadowed coming to fruition, shocking revelations and catastrophes, grapple of power and solidifying of identity, dynamics between the characters, war themes and others continuing to be wonderfully explored, and such a satisfying yet painful ending. The Burning God is most probably one of the best books I’ve ever read, hands down. AH the pain and the tears.



One of my IRL friends recommended me the Passenger duology and the premise of a violinist travelling through time sounds intriguing, furthermore I enjoyed Lore by Alexandra Bracken as well and am anticipating a fast-paced an fantastical ride! I loved This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger as well as The Ones We’re Meant to Find by Joan He, and thus am eager to read more of their books! Additionally, We Hunt the Flame has been repeatedly recommended to me! I placed an order for a copy, hopefully it comes soon and I can devour it!

June was the month where I finally got off my mini hiatus and managed to hop around the blogosphere (hough towards the end of the month I started getting busy, sigh)! Also I’m so touched, even when I was gone the follower count rose up to 400?? Thank you guys! 🥺💕


I still need to work on a posting schedule instead of simply publishing whenever I like haha, but here are my posts for the month!




Recommendations/ lists


I hope everyone’s been doing okay and all.

For singapore, Covid-19 restrictions are being eased once again which is definitely hopeful. I’m also truly grateful to be able to have gotten my vaccine. stay safe everyone!

With school break, apart from catching up with reading, I’ve also had the chance to binge watch A LOT of movies and some TV shows, specifically those from the MCU. Though in terms of thrill and pain level books always rise triumphant, MCU movies come a close second for me haha.

How was June for you? What was your favourite read? Or share with me a top TBR book you have for July!


92 thoughts on “JUNE WRAP UP | My first Five Star Read of the year – New favourite series incoming! (no prizes for guessing)

    1. My pleasure, Cherry and aww thank you so much! ❤ Ah it was thanks to your yelling about We Hunt the Flame in nearly every book tag post that it went on my priority TBR for this year, I’ve ordered a copy of it and can’t wait for it to come! Have a wonderful July as well! 🥰

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  1. As opposed to you, I loved A Darker Shade of Magic- actually, the entire series. Shades of Magic was my first V.E. Schwab read

    June- favorite read? Well, it was mainly rereading Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Ended on starting Circe

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    1. Ooh I’m glad that you loved it then! Could you advise me whether I should continue the series still when I didn’t enjoy ADSOM? Ooh yes Percy Jackson supremacy 😌🖐️ , and I’ve heard so much about Circe, I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for the comment, Meg! ❤


  2. ahh Cherelle thanks so much for mentioning my post, i’m glad it was helpful ❤️

    congrats on catching up with your goodreads goal! i’m happy to hear you liked Vengeful, i read Vicious last year and really enjoyed it so i’ve been meaning to pick up the sequel and get some more eli and victor content <33 & i also rated ADSOM 2 stars,,,it was pretty disappointing and i never ended up picking up the second or third book in that trilogy either. also i just bought This Tender Land after your recommendation of it and am so excited, it sounds like a really great book!

    i hope you have a great july 😊

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    1. It certainly was and I appreciated the recs a lot, my pleasure Aarushi! 💕

      And aww thank you! I hope you love Vengeful as well, it was incredible relieving the tension between Eli and Victor once again, and now with even more dangerous but intriguing characters! Oh sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy ADOSM as well, I don’t think I’ll be continuing with the series either, I’ll just love Schwab for her Villains duology haha! 🤗

      I’m so thrilled to hear about it, This Tender Land was such an emotional, albeit slow-paced at first, read, I hope you love it as well! Wishing you a lovely July as well! ❤

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  3. Thank you so much for including my post!! I’m sorry you didn’t like A Darker Shade of Magic – and I really hope you enjoy We Hunt the Flame, and other books on your TBR! I checked your about page too – you lied when you said you had zero aesthetic skills haha, admit you’re a great designer 😆😆 Congrats on 400 followers!!

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    1. You’re welcome, Jan, it was a great discussion! Ah thank you, it was indeed disappointing as I loved Schwab’s Villains duology… thank you so much, ooh have you read We Hunt the Flame in particular then? Aww you’re too kind, my graphics are all thanks to Canva and its magic hehe! Thank you once again, wishing you a lovely July and a productive hiatus! ❤


      1. Ahh yes, I read we hunt the flame in around may. I was a bit uncertain in the beginning but wow the story got better and better as I went on. I hope you enjoy it too🤗

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  4. I’m glad you had a good reading month! CONGRATS ON 400 ❤ ! I head you wanted to scream about books… I bought Stepsister and it's on my TBR for July!! I LOVED These Shallow Graves (also by Jennifer Donnelly) but didn't enjoy Poisoned, I had such high expectations :/ Hoepfully July brings more high ratings!

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    1. Brooke!! Aww thank you SO much! Ooh did I hear a Cinderella retelling? I’ve read so many of those and yet each one always manages to delight me, I hope you enjoy it! Ah okay I’ll definitely have to check out Jennifer Donnelly’s books, thank you for sharing! WIshing you a July full of lovely readings! 🥰


      1. Cherelle!! Of course 💕 Yes! It’s about one of Cinderella’s stepsisters cutting off her toes to fit into the glass slipper! I hope you July is filled with good books and weather that doesn’t fry you!

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  5. Ooo great wrap up! Elizabeth Lim and RF Kuang’s books are on my tbr, and after seeing your reviews, I think it’s time i read them. Especially the poppy war hehe. I hope you accomplish your July TBR!! And thank you so much for mentioning my discussion, it means a lot. ❤ ❤

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  6. ahhh i really need to read the poppy wars triology!! i keep saying that but then keep putting it off eeek! hopefully later in the summer when i’m in the mood for a fantasy (with commitment… because trilogy).
    did i hear a mcu watch??? very exciting business indeed. what order are you watching them (release date, chronologically, or like casually??)??? which are your favorite characters??? favorite movie thus far?? hope you’re loving them!!
    also. i’m happy to read the geese brought laughter!! that post was a joy to make and truly, i appreciate you sharing so much!!!
    lovely wrap up, congrats on a 5 star read, and may june be fantastical!!

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    1. Yes April, PLEASE DO… but ahaha, I can definitely understand, I’m terrible with book series, but for me I read the trilogy over the span of a couple of months because I was too scared of what was to come!

      And yes you did! It was just many many random rewatches of what tickled my fancy haha, I loved TFATWS, all the Captain America movies, Ragnorak, Endgame etc etc… how about you?

      Aww it’s my pleasure, it was truly such a creative and hilarious post, I truly love your blog for all these kind of unique content haha… thanks so much April, have a lovely July! ❤

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      1. GAH FINE OK IM ORDERING IT LOL. i know it’s going to bring me pain but it also sounds so good. i’ll let you know when i start it!!

        ayyyy! haha love that!! gosh i’ve watched them all so many times but i’d have to say my favorites are spider-man movies, captain marvel (i mean, goose!!!) and ragnorak!! and of course the infinity war and endgame emotionally broke me. oh and also wandavision slaps. ahh i listed so many but i really do love them all lol.

        ahh thanks a million!!

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        1. AHHH IT SAYS IT WILL BE HERE IN A WEEK OR TWO. seriously??? how. hands down favorite mcu character lol. ooo very exciting!! wandavision is really like nothing else in the mcu. i will admit the first few episodes confused me but by the end i was invested. hope you’ll enjoy it as well!!

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  7. Ahh congratulations on 400, you totally deserve it! woohoo it feels really good to have a book worthy of five stars and hi five ’cause I found a new favourite in June too (though it was my 4th five-star read of the year)!! Also, thank you so much for mentioning my post, it has made my day🥺
    Lovely wrap up as always Cherelle, and wish you an amazing month of July!!

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  8. WE HUNT THE FLAME IS SO GOOD 🤩 i cant wait to see what you think of it. i looked at the first line of what you said for the burning god and cracked up 😂 i’m staying as far away as i possibly can from the dragon republic for now. i don’t think my mind is currently equipped to handle that kind of torture 💀

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    1. AHH I’M SO EXCITED TO READ IT!! And ha-ha-ha, definitely smiling through the pain for The Burning God 🥲… that is definitely wise, I doubt that even in the best mental state one could be okay after reading TDR and TBG… but I hope you’ll manage to get to them eventually and love it despite the torture HAHA! Thanks for the comment Sam, have a lovely July! 😘

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  9. Ahhh, I keep saying I’ll read the Poppy War but then I get sidetracked *cough* AGAIN *cough*. I honestly will try it out though (;

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  10. YES I’m so happy your five star read ended up being The Dragon Republic because it is truly THE BEST, it’s my fav out of the three even though it may have tore at my heart…

    So happy to have heard you’ve got the vaccine, stay safe ❤️😊

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  11. holy crap, how do you get so much reading done??? but yes! ADSOM is my least favourite Schwab work/series, and until Addie, it seemed to be everyone’s favourite. It’s so… meandering. It really struggles to center itself and all the main characters kind of have a same-y “lone wolf” vibe that’s even more obvious when they’re all together. But the focus and intensity of the Villains series is SO GOOD.

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    1. Ahh it’s called school break! 😌 Mmm it was definitely such a disappointment and that description is spot on, the characters truly didn’t vibe well for me too… nevertheless, I’m so happy that you enjoyed the Villains duology as well! Thanks for the comment Kate, have a lovely July! ❤

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  12. congrats on 400! and congrats on the great reading month and being ahead in your reading challenge now. I really need to get around to reading the poppy war trilogy one day because it sounds amazing. and thank you for mentioning my post ❤ ❤

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  13. when you said you found your first five-star read of the year, i was curious. when you said it was the dragon republic, i literally flipped. THAT BOOK IS SO GOOD. it’s honestly my fav from the poppy war trilogy (goodbye to second-book-is-bad syndrome!) and i would absolutely reread it… just after i finish my current reads.
    hope we all see an end to the pandemic soon, no matter how far away it looks!

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  14. Congrats on what seems to have been an amazing reading month!! thank you so much for including me in this wrap up and i can’t wait to check out some of the other posts that you’ve linked. seeing your consistently high ratings for the poppy war trilogy makes me even more excited to get to it; i really hope that i can read it by this summer!!

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    1. Thanks so much Sanah, it truly was especially upon finishing my now all-time favourite series ahh, I truly hope you’ll be able to get to The Poppy War trilogy and love it just as much! My pleasure, and I hope you’ll have fun perusing all the lovely posts! Have a great July! ❤️

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  15. ahhhh yes I’m so glad you loved The Dragon Republic and The Burning God!! they broke my heart in the worst way possible 😭
    amazing wrap-up Cherelle!

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  16. omg cherelle!! thank you so much for mentioning my post 🥺💖
    I’m glad you had such a great month in terms of reading, and ahh the way you describe the poppy war books; i really need to get reading them 😭 We hunt the flame honestly sounds so good, i think i’ll pick it up too in july! And congrats on 400, you deserve it all and more <33
    Yess MCU!! thor: ragnarok is my favorite movie because honestly it's hilarious and thor at least gets a bit of development! I'm hoping to catch up to wandavision but *sigh* life is hectic. I'm glad you got the vaccine; hope you're staying safe!
    Loved you post, as always 💕 Wish you a lovely july, with bright days and great reads ❤

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    1. Janhavi!! Ah it was my pleasure, I love the blog glow up! And yes, I seriously cannot shut up about The Poppy War series haha, I hope you’ll get to them and love them just as much (despite the pain). Ooh that’s great to hear, I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on it! Thank you so much! 🥺💕

      Did I hear Ragnarok?? Omg yes I love it so much too, I can watch it a hundred times and still laugh at every single joke haha… ooh I haven’t watched Wandavision yet, I hope you’ll find some time to treat yourself yeah? Thank you for your kind words Janhavi, stay safe and have a wonderful July as well! 🥰


  17. congrats on getting your vaccine!! and omg, thank you so much for including my post, it means the world🥺💜 ahh, I hope you do end up enjoying we hunt the flame! and I totally agree with your thoughts on spin the dawn, so I’m extra excited to hear that six crimson cranes is better!! lovely post, I hope you have a wonderful july🖤

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  18. Oh, you got a lot of books done. A lot of big names too. 🙂
    I totally agree with you at ADSOM. Then again, I always have that problem with Schwab. I love her Middlegrade books but I keep thinking that her YA book concepts are great and then I have trouble getting into them. Often it takes me three or four tries to get into it. Too bad.
    I wish you a great July! 🙂

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    1. Haha yes, June was a good reading month for me! And ooh yes definitely, the books by VE Schwab have such interesting premises but the execution kind of failed for ADSOM especially, but I’m glad to hear that you loved her MG books, I’ll have to check them out! Thanks and you too! 🤗


  19. Cherelle!! I’m so happy to hear you had a great June and had a chance to read and rest up from school!! 💖 And congratulations on 400 followers, you deserve every single one of them and more 🥰 Oh and congrats on getting vaccinated!!

    Ahhh I’m sorry to hear that ADSOM was a disappointment! But I am ridiculously happy that the one character you’re interested in is Holland—who just so happens to be one of my favorite characters of all time 😆 I personally found the second book to be my least favorite from the trilogy because it’s pretty slow-paced, but I would recommend pushing through it because the third book makes up for it (Holland’s backstory, anyone?) 🤩 But the choice is up to you on whether or not you want to continue the series!! Also, I most definitely am pushing the Villains series up my priority TBR because it sounds incredible and I am ashamed of myself for forgetting about its existence.

    Okay, I am putting The Poppy War on my TBR after long months of hesitation. Any pain or emotional trauma I receive after reading it is going on your bill 👍 And I’m so glad you enjoyed Six Crimson Cranes!! I can’t wait to read it once it releases 😍

    I hope you have a fantastic reading month in July, Cherelle! Great post ❤️ (Also, can I take a moment to gush over your redesign again! The aesthetic stuns me every time I look at it 😍😍😍 Your blog is so gorgeous and definitely one of my favorites 🤩)

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    1. Abby!! Oh my goodness you have no idea how happy I am to see a comment from you as well as a pingback from your post (I can’t wait to get to it!) – welcome back to the blogosphere, we’ve missed you so much! I hope you’ve been doing okay? ❤

      Mmm, I had such high hopes for ADSOM especially after loving all of VE Schwab’s books, but I felt rather detached from most of the characters, except Holland whom I was SO curious about ahh! Haha, I’m glad to hear that, and ooh thank you for the advice, I think I’ll go with that because ahh I need that Holland backstory SO BAD, and I’m counting on the characters growing on me the more time spent with them! 😌 Ah yes, the villains duology was indeed incredible with so much action but amazing characters and found family too, I hope you find it just as thrilling!! 🤗

      Okay, now it’s my turn to be ridiculously happy that you’re adding The Poppy War series to your TBR! Through the series, I had to master how to smile through the pain 😢 and oh no, it’s definitely going to be a hefty bill but totally worth it haha! 😅 I hope you’ll love both The Poppy War and Six Crimson Cranes! 🥰

      Aww thank you so much Abby for your kind words, it means the world to me! 🥺💕 Stay safe and wishing you a lovely July full of great readings as well! ❤️

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  20. Thanks so much for linking my post – I really appreciate it!
    I’m glad you had a pretty good month too and that’s so good that you were able to get your vaccine; I had my first dose this month too.
    & Also you read so many books and I’m so glad that they were all such high ratings! Six Crimson Cranes is on my tbr and I’m glad you loved it because I’ve been a bit hesitant considering the mixed reviews I saw for Spin the Dawn.

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  21. Wonderful wrap up Cherelle, so many 2020 books are still on my tbr and I’m looking forward to reading ASOWAR, sorry it disappointed you though! I really loved reading your overall thoughts on the books you read this month, loved how you summed up the Poppy War trilogy haven’t read it but WOW its convincing me! 💕

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    1. Ahh ASOWAR was still a good book, I especially appreciated all the folklore though the other tropes didn’t work out for me, I hope you enjoy it! And I’m SO thrilled to hear that haha, The Poppy War trilogy had definitely risen up to become one of my all time favourites, I hope you’d consider giving it a try! Thank you so much, have a lovely July! ❤️

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  22. I had a rough start with ADSOM too but each book does get better, in terms of pacing, Lila, and more Holland! The final book was fantastic. Looking back, I think one of the reason why SoM is not as compelling as Villains is because the main character, Kell, just pales compared to the side characters :/ The concept is interesting but I’m honestly more interested with the side characters haha!

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    1. Ah I’m seriously SO glad to hear that about ADSOM! The premise was so interesting and I truly want to continue the series especially now that you mentioned the final book being the best! And truly the side characters were the ones that held the book, I’m really happy to hear about Holland especially haha – he truly perked my interest!! Thanks for sharing Tasya! ❤️


  23. omg congratulations on being done with school (for now), june was also my first month of holiday, and even though i wasn’t very productive, it is nice to be on a break, and not have deadlines looming in my face haha! it’s so great you caught up on your goodreads challenge (that thing puts too much stress on us lmao), and loved *almost* everything you read! i also love your about page re-design hehe 💕

    i can’t wait to get to my ARC of six crimson cranes, because it sounds so good, and the fact that you loved it makes me more excited – because your taste is truly the best haha. also i will read anything that’s asian and a retelling! tbh, we’re all pjo obsessed in one way or another, and i’m so glad you enjoyed lore, because it sounds like such a captivating read (also that cover)! i’ve also been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about ADSOM, so i don’t think i’ll start off with that, but i def need to read one of ve schwabs books soon! i am sure tpw will break my heart, and i honestly need to stop putting it aside, and just get myself a copy haha. i hope you enjoy all the books on your tbr for july! 💘

    congratulations on 400! i love you and your blog so so much, and you completely deserve all the love ahh! 💕 i also need to really work on my posting schedule, because i just post whatever i want whenever i want to lmao, and that puts way too much stress on me! thank you so so much for including both of my posts, and for all the love you’ve been showing my blog 🥺🥺💘

    congratulations on being vaccinated! i hope you’re feeling safe, and doing fine! my brother & i have also been rewatching a ton of mcu movies (and loki!!), so i feel you on the pain hahaha.

    i hope july treats you well! ❤️❤️

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    1. Ahaana! Ah so happy to hear that you too enjoyed your break in June as well, and truly an absence of deadlines is such a nice feeling, I would do anything to be in that dream again, but for now, it’s back to school ah. Hope you’re enjoying the rest of your break! 😌

      I was super excited when I saw your high rating of Six Crimson Cranes on Goodreads, and aww thank you! Haha, yes Lore was definitely the best and I could not help but make PJO references as I was enthralled by the adventure! And ooh yes I’d definitely recommend VE Schwab’s books, she’s quite a prominent author whose certain works are worth the hype, the Villains duology is a great favourite of mine! 🥰

      Oh yes, there was never a more accurate statement haha, The Poppy War will most definitely shatter your heart but I hope you’ll still love it just as much as I did! (Pre-warning: Learning how to smile through the pain and get on with life is a skill that is essential in surviving the trilogy.🥲)

      Omg Ahaana, thank you SO much, that warms my heart! It’s somewhat comforting to hear you’re kind of a mood blogger as well hehe, but you’re content is still so good I can’t tell??? My pleasure, thank you for being one of my most supportive blogger friends as well! ❤

      AHHH LOKI!! I’m quite behind on the episodes, but it was truly such a ride… stay safe and hope you have a lovely July as well! 💕

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  24. Ahh I also really didn’t like A Darker Shade of Magic! I really enjoyed the world that was set up, but all of the characters fell completely flat for me. I read it in 2019 I think and I’m still not sure if I’ll end up continuing the series. Hope you have an awesome July, Cherelle!

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    1. Ah I’m glad we share the same sentiments about A Darker Shade of Magic, the premise was so interesting but truly the characters let the series down… for me, I’m going to persevere to the last book in hopes of them growing on me and also because I’m SO curious about Holland’s backstory haha. Thank you so much, wishing you a lovely July as well, Ali! ❤


  25. Ooh thank you for linking my post! Wow, you read so many books this month! Even though I don’t read a lot of fantasy I’m thinking of reading The Poppy War since everyone’s been gushing about it and it interests me that the author based it off of real Chinese history. I heard it’s really violent though which makes me kind of nervous but I’m glad to see you liked it. I will definitely go check out your new About Me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Emily! Yes you MUST read The Poppy War, and truly the historical element of the series with the parallels to modern Chinese history was truly brilliantly done and brought out a lot of meaningful themes… but yeah, definitely do check the trigger warnings first, it’s not for the faint of heart. I hope you’ll love it just as much if you do decide to read it! Thank you Emily, and have a wonderful July! ❤


  26. I am *not* surprised to see The Poppy War series being your favourite haha and I loved that!!! 😂🥰 Beautiful post as always, and congratulations on catching up on your reading goal! 💕 I’m reading The Dragon Republic and I’m soo excited! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  27. TPW supremacy! haha. It’s one of my favourite trilogies and I loved annotating the books. Congrats on getting vaccinated! I got my second shot a few days back and I’m incredibly grateful considering the situation here. Hope you have an amazing month! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Yay for catching up on your goodreads challenge! WOW you had so many good reads and I am glad to hear you adored the Poppy war Trilogy! I really want to read We Hunt The Flame too!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Ahh I just finished Six Crimson Cranes and loved it! Can’t wait to read your full thoughts ♥ Glad you were able to get vaccinated and hope you stay safe and enjoy your MCU binge 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Lots of the books you read in June are books that I’m planning to read in July. Congrats on your first 5-star review and catching up to your reading goal! I still haven’t have a 5 star read this year; I’m hoping it will be The Poppy War.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh yay I’m truly heartened to hear that, thanks so much Kimberly! Ah I hope you find one that steals your heart and your breath soon, and me too, I hope you’ll love The Poppy War to bits as well! Wishing you a lovely July full of good readings! 🥰


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